“But am I covered? I have to look into the mirror for some more clues. Nothing is missing. It’s all there.” – Andy Warhol

Based on a True Story

This blog starts in August of 2013, when I left home to live and study in Florence, Italy, for 5 months. I went there with a bucket list. All things that, in my opinion, would lead me on the (no pun intended) well traveled path best described by Mark Twain in these 3 words:

Explore. Dream. Discover.

After I returned, I quickly realized that I was only nearing 21. Even though I wasn’t in Europe, my life continued to happen… and so I continued to write about it. I discarded the bucket list as soon as I realized life was unpredictable and impossible to control or plan for. The blog quickly turned into the chronicles of a girl in the middle of a million transitions attempting to find meaning in the world around her in order to find meaning in herself.

World travels. Local catastrophes. Ups. Love. Downs. Hate. Soul Searching. Yoga. Grieving loss. Adopting a puppy. And all that’s left to come….