August 1st

The countdown has officially begun. It is August 1st, meaning I board my plane to Paris, and connection to Florence in 17 days.

Apart from the fact that I still haven’t received my visa from the Philadelphia consulate (which was sent in over a month ago), I don’t feel at all ready. In fact, I feel less ready than I did at the start of the summer.

Two days ago, I walked through the Quad (for my Tar Heels) and became overwhelmed with nostalgia. I haven’t left yet and I already miss my Carolina blue sky. That same day, the goodbyes commenced. I’m not good at them- plain and simple. But today is my last full day in Chapel Hill, so they are quickly being thrown at me. Tomorrow it’s off to Wilmington for the weekend, then to New York to see my favorite aunt, and back to Charlotte to see my friends and family for one last time.

Once back in Charlotte, I’ll have 9 days to pack all my stuff, say goodbye to everyone, send in my visa, figure out how I will access money, buy a rail pass and decide what on earth I’m going to about a phone….

Lesson learned: it’s NEVER to early to prepare.

The only thought that gets me through these days is believing that everything turns out for the better. No matter what. And that my visa will arrive in time.


One thought on “August 1st

  1. I commend you for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on this challenge. You are an amazing young lady and we wish you the best of luck. Maybe we can send you some Care packages with some American staples you may miss….Good Luck!!!!

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