August 18th

My boyfriend came to see me the week before I left in Charlotte. I dreaded the goodbye.

It’s our anniversary today. Meanwhile, I’m five hours into the transatlantic flight to Paris, ready to embark on this amazing opportunity and all I can think about is what I’m leaving behind. Goodbyes are hard no matter who they involve. To distract myself, I watched Tina Fey’s Admission (adorable), slept, and listened to Drake’s entire Take Care album (ha).

Once we arrive in Paris, we have a 3 hour lay over before we board for Florence, in which we’ll clear customs and get a true Paris (airport) meal. It’ll be noon, Italy time, when we finally land in Florence. The first stop is Lorenzo de Medici Institute, where I’ll be taking classes eventually, to get our keys and then head to our apartment, which is located right next to Ponte Vecchio with balconies overlooking the river.

I somehow managed to fit all my belongings into two checked bags. One weighs 60-odd pounds, and the other 40-odd pounds, so my luggage actually weighs more than me, yet I’ll be carting it through Florence this afternoon by myself. Should be a funny sight.


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