August 21st

Ciao! My Italian is really coming along, clearly. Been in Florence for three days now and I think I’ve learned 20 or so words. Not bad for a mandarin-speaking girl!

Florence is absolutely breathtaking. The people, the food, the atmosphere, the architecture – everything is beautiful. I’ve definitely had my fair share of gelato, pizza, pasta, wine, and am a bit worried I might come back 40 pounds heavier. Thank goodness there are so many yoga studios around!

Last night our awesome adviser, Margherita, took us to Acqua Al Due, a restaurant with  the best food I’ve ever eaten. We got 6 pasta dishes to share as a table, a chicken dish, and then cheesecake, tirimasu, strawberry tart, and chocolate cake. And, of course, enough wine for the 15 of us plus 15 more.

This weekend, a few of my UNC classmates and I will be taking a 30 minute bus ride the other side of Florence for Couch Surfing’s 3 hour yoga practice in Cascine Park. Time to burn off all these delicious carbs!


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