September 7th

I had my first week of school, although it can hardly be called a ‘week,’ since I only have classes Tuesday and Thursday. Three of my 15 abroad credits are already completed thanks to our Italian language and culture pre-session course. Now, I am taking Beginner Italian, Renaissance Civilization and Culture, Renaissance Art, and 1960s: a Global Counter Culture Movement.

A semi-routine schedule has finally started to take shape… and it’s about time. We Americans always function better on a schedule. Maybe my time here will allow me to let go of that a little. My Tuesdays and Thursdays are occupied mainly by class, which means Mondays and Wednesdays are occupied by sleeping in and homework. Monday nights, 6:30-8:30 I will be playing soccer (calcio) for the school club team. Afterwards, free Italian movies are shown at school for the students. Tuesday through Friday I will be practicing yoga at Radici Yoga, a local studio. Tuesday nights are beer pong at the Red Garder, to give us a little taste of America. And, lastly, Thursday nights are typically spent packing for an early Friday departure, or already getting on the road.

Almost every weekend is occupied by traveling. Next weekend it is off to the Amalfi Coast. Then, Switzerland and Lake Como. In three weeks, I’ll surf the waters of Portugal and relax on the beach before a group of us rough it up to Munich, Germany, for Oktoberfest a week later. After that, it’s midterms, which will be followed by a roomie trip to Barcelona, Seville, and Dublin, followed by a solo trip to England to see my long lost sister, Gina, for her 21st birthday. The first weekend back to school will be spent in the French Riviera, and the following weekend will be in Paris. Next on the list, I’ll meet my dad in Spain to walk part of the Camino de Santiago and then we’ll both fly back to Italy for Thanksgiving weekend. After my dad leaves, I’ll have one more weekend in Florence with my friends, because the last weekend before finals and flying home will be spent in Amsterdam.

So, in summary, I only have 3 weekends in Florence left. Which is the same amount that I’ve already spent here. That thought is crazy. We’re almost a quarter of the way through, and I’ve done a lot in Florence. But there is still the rest of Europe waiting for me! I can’t wait. It is going to absolutely fly by.


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