Life After Death

When I left Florence, I was under the impression that my life had climaxed. I had peaked; it was downhill from there on out. What a depressing thought.

As the months have gone by and I’ve been able to see all the fantastic ways my abroad experience changed my domestic lifestyle, I’ve realized my abroad experience is far from over. And by the same reasoning, I’ve chosen not to end this blog page. We’ll think of it as “Life After Death.”

Now, am I as happy and carefree as I was during the 6 months spent in Italy, with zero job responsibility and virtually zero school responsibility? No. But I’m “living in the real world” now, as my family constantly reminds me. And so, I have re-entered reality, and with it, I have brought all the lessons and privileges I gained in the “fake world.” No, I am not experiencing the day-to-day thrills that come with studying abroad in a foreign country, but I still am lucky enough to lead a life that has been profoundly impacted by them.

So while I don’t have any new stories about Oktoberfest, Paris, or crazy nights in Firenze, I do have equally important stories about how those experiences continue to shape my life back in the States. The other, crazy ones, are sure to surface as I spend the rest of my life feeding the travel bug’s fatal bite.


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