Theories of Coincidence

If I were Kendrick, I would have a limitless catalog of lyrical material. I think I see an entirely new person in myself each day. Maybe that’s part of being a 21 year old graduating in 3 months and figuring out what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Or at least for the next 5 years. But one day at a time, right?

Today I looked in the mirror with these new Kendrick-inspired intentions of honesty and self-realization. Here’s the first thing that came to mind:

Confusion. Lots of confusion. I was so sure of what I wanted to be when I grew up… when I hadn’t yet grown up. A veterinarian! A model! A musician! But as I “learned” more, dream jobs slowly got crossed off the bucket list… one by one. So what did I “learn?” What did that $20,000 annual education actually teach me? To not believe in myself? Or, on a more optimistic note, to specify my passions? I think it’s probably a combination of both. Nevertheless, here I am: confused on where to go next.

An ancient theory, sometimes known as the energy of life, gave birth to two identical scientific frameworks in two remote regions of the world. In China, it is believed that the body consists of meridians, or energetic channels, which intersect at different pressure points. Each organ governs a meridian and distributes energy, or chi, throughout the body. Chi has dual energies, yin and yang, that must be balanced to achieve ultimate self and highest health. Blockages or imbalances in any of these channels have negative physical and psychological manifestations. In fact, energetic disease is seen as the root cause of most physical disease. Therefore, it must be treated just as seriously as any other “Western-validated” illness. Acupuncture is one traditional method used to help correct, or open, blocked meridians.

In India, a similar theory suggests that 7 chakras, or energetic centers, serve as the intersections of energetic lines (or meridians). Each chakra has psychological and physical manifestations, just as with the Chinese framework.

Is it a coincidence that in both scientific frameworks, there is an energetic line that’s psychological manifestation is either the trigger or blockage of originality and creativity? And is it a coincidence that in both scientific frameworks, the governing organ over this meridian or chakra resides in the area below your naval: the liver?

The liver meridian can also be called the sacral chakra or svadhisthana. Simply put, this is the energetic channel responsible for both the physical and psychological manifestation of “true self.” Physically, the channel begins in the big toe and runs up the inner leg through the genitals, liver, and out through the chest. The liver meridian impacts the immune system, emotional flexibility (sensuality, expressiveness), and achieving clarity of one’s self-purpose (passion) as well as the self-confidence to follow it (confidence). Furthermore, imbalances often manifest as indecisiveness, moodiness, intimacy issues, and lack of sexuality. The root of imbalance can often be traced to deep feelings of guilt. In both frameworks, the color associated with this energy is orange and the gemstones are carnelian and fire opal.

Could my recent obsession with “true self” and inner-beauty that inspired my last blog post and this deep-rooted confusion and anxiety over my purpose or direction just be another coincidence?

Today I looked in the mirror, and here’s what I saw:

I have weird eyes. Normally, they consist of a dark blue rim, lighter blue-ish/green iris, and a thin, jagged orange circle around the pupil. Today, there’s no orange.



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